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What does this look like when you're 51 years old and want to retire in 4 years? I'm not done serving but I want to be done working to pay bills. Here are some real questions I have to consider:

  1. Have I done enough planning?

  2. Can live off what I've invested and saved?

  3. Am I ready?

  4. How much debt do I still have?

  5. Is my income enough?

Realistically if I count the cost today, no I can't retire.

Here's what I decided to do, maybe it'll help someone:

  1. Calculate my net worth, assets minus liabilities.

  2. Gain two additional sources of income.

  3. Create a real world budget with all of my expenses, income, savings, dreams, and desires.

  4. Run a financial calculator to see how long it'll take to clear my lowest to highest debts and meet it.

  5. Run a financial calculator to see how much income I'll need in retirement after those debts are clear to maintain essentials and a good life.

  6. Create a financial plan, stick to it, and live.

  7. Retire in 4 years.

Can I let you know how this works out? Maybe a quick update in 12 months.

Don't live in debt, be indebted to live and love.

Romans 13;8 NIV

Let no debt remain outstanding, except the continuing debt to love one another, for whoever loves others has fulfilled the law.

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