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Updated: Jan 18, 2021

It's not enough to just acquire a better credit score, without the knowledge to maintain it. When you aspire for a higher credit score, that's an awesome effort. Your credit score could've been low for many reasons, such as change in income, loss of employment, unexpected circumstances that caused you to max out all of your credit in a short period of time, and so on. Understanding your use of credit and what caused it to be in the shape it's in is important. Lower interest rates come with better credit scores. If you're aspiring to get a 0% interest rate for 60 months with no money down on a 26k dollar car and you make 40k a year and have a debt to income of 50%, look at your overall situation before you apply for credit. Know your circumstances and what the effects of making any car purchase will do to you and your family. Wait maybe you're still working on your credit and have to buy a car cash instead. Or be able to save at least half before making the purchase to cut your debt down and keep driving your current car a little while longer. I had my Ford Taurus for 14 years and probably would still have it, but it was telling me good bye.

Aspire for a 760 beacon score to buy a home at the lowest interest rate possible. It's okay that you are paying someone to help you increase your score, but are you gaining any knowledge to ensure your credit score will stay in that higher percentile. Do you have a budget, are you putting money away for household or life emergencies, what plans have you made financially to set you and your family up for success. Even though you can seek the help of others for credit repair, do your research. Money well spent to correct your credit pitfalls of the past will propel you into a positive future. That money may be settling past debts, creating payment plans, obtaining a secured credit card, etc. It really matters that you are trying, just know what you're trying to accomplish and why. Make it last.

Be ready to put in work.

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